ATMs / scanners

Pickup Rollers and Separation Rollers

We designed our set of rubber coatings for pickup- and separation-rollers for scanners, printers and ATMs to perform with an excellent grip on a wide range of papers, coated and uncoated, foils and bank notes. One of their main features is the high elasticity exhibited even by the soft rubber types of only 25 Shore A. A high elasticity helps to amplify the fric-tion between the rubber and the specific media irrespective of its friction coefficient. This facilitates a reliable grip on different papers / bank notes, e.g. in scanning units.

Adding millimeter-sized grooves to the surface of the rubber coating enhances this effect. Moreover, a structured surface adds up to the self-cleaning ability of the roller. Dust is col-lected within the grooves and not on the functional surface.

Feed and Pressure Rollers

Bank notes are passed from hand to hand leading to the sticking of natural skin oils on their surfaces. Additionally, bank notes are heavily colored to prevent fading. Both substances, oils and colors tend to be deposited on the feed rollers in ATMs. This led us to develop a set of antistatic rubber coatings for feed and pressure rollers with a focus of being less susceptible to such type of deposition.

Tight manufacturing tolerances of our rollers guarantee the transport also at high velocities required in modern ATMs. Moreover, this qualifies them for the use at critical positions within ATMs, e.g. in MICR-modules. As an additional service, we handle the sourcing and assembly of bearings, freewheels and pulleys, up to whole modules for you.

Deflection Rollers

Traveling through the ATM the bank notes pass several bypasses. The mechanical load the deflection rollers have to sustain are higher compared to feed rollers due to unavoidable slip during the deflection process. As a solution, we offer deflection rollers made from microcel-lular elastomers, which were originally designed for heavy duty applications in the automotive industry, such as spring components in cars. Highly elastic even at a hardness up to 40 Shore A, these rollers adjust reliably to varying loads.