Assemblies / molded parts


As for your service, we not only manufacture rollers and platen but fully assembled units, ready for direct installation in your machines. We take care of the sourcing and the stock management of all adjoining parts. This includes plain bearings and roller bearings, gears and pulleys, sheet metal parts and plastic parts. Speaking of plastic parts, we also handle the mold design for you.

Your advantage is to get the job done from one single source: This will reduce your operating expenses in purchasing. Your effort for pre-assembly will decrease. Costs for checking the assembly will be diminished as we do a full check of tolerances and function in our final inspection.

Molded Parts made from Silicone-Rubber

A typical application of our molded parts made from silicone-rubber are pickup-solutions for separation units. We devised a procedure to manufacture molded parts from this type of rubber with a highly finished surface. This results in an excellent grip on plastic cards and paper. Depending on the application, a silicone-rubber with a hardness between 30 and 50 Shore A will be chosen. At this range the high elasticity immanent to this material even in-creases the effect.

Our silicone rubber is moldable onto parts made from steel or aluminum and, within some restrictions, also onto plastic parts. Moreover, this material may also be applied on rollers or, due to its high elasticity, used within damping elements.

Molded Parts made from Polyurethane-Rubber

Molded parts made from polyurethane-rubber display a higher abrasion resistance compared to other elastic materials. Our types of moldable polyurethane-rubbers feature a high elasticity combined with a low compression set for a long lifetime of the molded part.