Card Readers / Ticket Dispensers

Platen Rollers

Suitable for outdoor kiosks, our platens for card readers and ticket dispensers withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 120°C. The platens are optimized on abrasion and cut resistance yet remain elastic for a good grip. They can be used in ‚single path‘-solutions, feeding paper tickets and plastic cards within the same module.

To help dissipate electrostatic charge buildup we feature antistatic rubber coatings designed for this purpose. As additional service we offer sourcing, stock keeping and assembly of gears, pulleys, bearings and plastic parts.

Drive and Feed Rollers

Due to the limited space in card reader and ticket dispenser modules drive and feed rollers are small in size. Usually, they exhibit an outer diameter between 14 and 20 mm and a width of 4 to 10 mm. This leaves only a small surface to fix the rubber to the hub made from steel, aluminum or plastic. For that reason, we mold the rubber directly onto the hub to guarantee a reliable transmission of the torque exercised from the drive roller to the card or ticket.

Rollers installed close to the entrance/exit slots in kiosk systems may be exposed directly to heat, cold, humidity or car exhaust gases. We advise you on the optimal choice of the rubber coating for your specific application. Our rollers are manufactured within tight tolerances of the outer diameter and true running accuracy leading to a smooth guidance of the tickets, especially when passing the read/write heads.

To name some of our specialties, we feature highly elastic pickup rollers for stackers. More-over, we help you to find suitable design solutions to change the rollers easily during the technical service of your devices.

Pressure rollers / rubber coated roller bearings

If paper tickets and plastic cards are to be transported within the same path, the different thicknesses of the two media have to be taken into account. In this case rubberized pressure rollers offer a viable solution. Considering the small sizes required in card readers and ticket dispensers we conceived a process to mold the rubber directly on the outer ring of the roller bearing. Thereby, the need of an additional a hub is eliminated. A rubber optimized on cut and abrasion resistance is the correct choice in this type of application due to the sharp edges of some of the cards.