Complete assemblies for a finisher (sorter and folder) to a high-volume copying machine.

An Example of our production scheme  (No. 1) - please load images !

No. 1 is a comletely assembled fold module. Dreusicke manufactures the platens and shafts. All other parts (gears, frame, etc.) are manufactured under our supervision or are procured by us (coupling from Switzerland, Truarc clips from the United States, etc.), controlled and finally assembled.

An Example of our production scheme  (No. 2) - please load images !

No. 2 paper transport rollers for a sorter. The rollers are made of rubber, plastics or foam. Dreusicke manufactures all shafts on CNC-turning machines. After assembly and control, the products are shipped in boxes developed by Dreusicke. The rollers are placed in the boxes in order and position of their final assembly by the customer.