Platens and Print Bars
Eine Beispiel für unsere Druckwalzen-Fertigung  (Nr. 1 - 5) - bitte Grafikansicht einschalten !

No. 1 impact printer platen: core with gear, coated with polystyrol (injection molded, low density, economic production). Desmopan shell with high elasticity (scleroscope 36) and hardness (98 Shore A).

No. 2 and 3 impact printer platens with elastic, wear-resistant rubber tubes which are suited for high mechanical impact (98 Shore A, scleroscope 17). The rubber's high friction guarantees the correct line positioning of the paper.

No. 4 and 5 feed rollers for film cartridges. Electrically conducting rubber (45 resp. 75 Shore A) to prevent uncontrolled electrical discharges. Rubber finished to +/- 0.05mm, shaft bearing finished to ISO h6 tolerance.

Eine Beispiel für unsere Druckwalzen-Fertigung  (Nr. 6 - 8) - bitte Grafikansicht einschalten !

No. 6, 7 and 8 print bars for document printers in banks.
No. 6 and 7 have a steel core coated with desmopan (injection molded). No. 8 is a molded zinc part with an desmopan inlay. The zinc part is produced under our supervision, then Dreusicke does all the mechanical works and the assembly.



Last modified August 2006